Our Mission

To bring insight to D.I.Y. communities through a broad range of experiences, sourced information and cultivated efforts by D.I.Y. musicians.

We want to provide the most accurate information we can possibly find and present you with the best scenarios on a broad range of topics. This is the place where you can both learn how to do the basic accounting for your musical endeavors as well as find some fun and interesting new stage tactics to wow the crowds. Through the exploration of both situational and theoretical scenarios we hope to make things more accessible to people who are passionate self-starters and inexperienced do-ers and makers.





Disclaimer: All information on this website is sourced from experience, and/or from research in the field. Furthermore, we hope people can benefit from the material we share from the information found on this website, however ideas presented should be taken at entertainment value alone. We do not take responsibility for any actions committed as a result of pursuing what is presented in the materials shared.