The Idea Behind Flyers

Getting people to a show can be difficult, how do we attempt to bring the audience in?

A simple method is to create flyers that can be handed out and posted all over campuses, businesses, left on car windshields and posted all over the internet. What goes into creating a flyer is relatively simple and requires only a little bit of ingenuity on the part of the person creating to create eye catching designs that give all of the important information.

What is this important information you say?

The idea of a flyer is to answer all question about a performance that might be asked by someone walking down the street;

  • Who is playing?
  • How much does it cost?
  • What is the date/time of the event?
  • What is the location?
  • Where can we find more information?
  • What kind of event is it?
  • Who is hosting the event?
  • What is the benefit of the event?

By incorporating this information we can expect a positive outcome based on providing all basic information necessary to the passerby in question. Of course, the average person must also be interested in what exactly you are promoting, so find an area and know your crowd, post where you know your audience is on a daily basis to give them the opportunity to really absorb the information. This kind of promotion is relying on people actively paying attention to the things they might come across while walking. And it is fair enough to say that they won’t however, if you are willing to spend a few bucks on getting things printed out, it will be a lot easier to hopefully catch the right audience.



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