Deciding What to Practice

It can be difficult to come to terms with what to practice in a group setting. This is the reason why orchestras, big bands and ensembles typically have a director or conductor associated with them. With a mature set of forward thinking musicians, the need for is overshadowed by groupthink, and healthy conversation about things […]

All About The Beer

When performing it is important to understand the importance of beer to a show. However you don’t want to perform with too much liquid courage or your performance will start to suffer really quickly. To start, I want to be clear that I am not condoning the underage use of alcohol, rather, I am exploring […]

The Idea Behind Flyers

Getting people to a show can be difficult, how do we attempt to bring the audience in? A simple method is to create flyers that can be handed out and posted all over campuses, businesses, left on car windshields and posted all over the internet. What goes into creating a flyer is relatively simple and […]

Navigating The Cost of The Show

Let’s be real for a minute: Everyone involved in making a show happen deserves to be paid.  By conforming to the culture of pay-to-play, or play for free you advance the notion that the effort, time, and passion put into creating content and bringing it together in a both coordinated and effective fashion is worthless. […]

The Ethics Of Gear Loading

Look, there is no good one way to load gear. Everyone has their method, and each scenario can be wildly different. The most important things to look out for when loading and staging gear is time efficiency. This task should involve everyone moving, and no one should get leeway. Having a shifting schedule of people […]

How to Manage: Self-Sustaining Musical Endeavors

Having a band manager is a good thing for when you have built an audience and have the draw to negotiate contractual details with venues, deal with public relations and help creatively promote and brand an artist. Here we go over the basics of how to manage your band without the help of a third-party and different methodologies associated with management that will help keep your music on track.